Now, I hardly know anything about Premier League football never mind European football, but I’m going to make it my ‘goal’ to try, during these 4 weeks, to take an interest in our nation’s favourite sport and watch a few matches – well the Wales games anyway!!

So, it’s all due to kick off (did you see what I did there) on Friday 10th June and I’ll be watching Wales vs Slovakia on Saturday 11th June.  This is the first time that the Welsh squad have qualified for a major tournament since 1958 so I need to get behind the coach, Chris Coleman and the boys.   More from me in 2 weeks on this subject - I'm off on holiday next week.  So report back here and read my next ‘byline' then!! 

Whilst writing about football, I just want to say well done to any Foxes fans who may be reading this for winning the Premier League last night.

Now on to the day job …. 

We are about to embark upon our first marketing campaign. …..  very exciting stuff.  As recruiters we have the privilege of helping to shape the success of some of the best and brightest companies and to help them find the people who will drive innovation and create change.

We know that every business is individual and needs a uniquely tailored approach to recruitment.  That is why we are here to build lasting relationships with both our clients and their prospective employees.

We will be targeting 50+ technology companies in the Milton Keynes area during May therefore if you happen to be looking to expand your team anytime soon then please do get in touch.  We can help ….