Hello summer! That must mean the end of Q2 2016


Wow, 2016 has been eventful so far to say the least. At the start of Q2 we were all wondering if Leicester would win the Premier League (they did), how well Andy Murray would do at Wimbledon (very well) and how England would do at the Euros (not so well, apparently). I have had a lovely week sitting on a beach reflecting how well Noa has performed over Q2 and I would love to share some of that success with you.

I really do believe that our success as a business hinges on our core values. I have highlighted some examples that I want to share with you:

Customer focus – For our clients, we have helped two start-up find senior staff to help their growth keep going at an explosive rate. However, my favorite example is for a candidate who we placed with a local client of ours. The role, location and company were perfect for him and after one interview the match was so strong it was a done deal. Happy client and a very happy candidate.

Integrity – I think getting recruitment right is as much about saying what you do not do as much as it telling people what you do well. We were approached by a very large IT Service Provider to hire a number of infrastructure support people. As much as I wanted the business I was honest and said that we were not the right people for that type of work (we are digital after all). However, I did put them in touch with a great agency that I know who is much better placed to help them.

Excellence – I love this one. We spoke to a brand new client who were struggling to find a lead developer for a greenfield project they were kicking off. Their PSL had sent then a pile of CV’s but none were right. In steps Noa. Noa listens, Noa understands and (after sending one CV, which lead to one interview, which lead to one placement) Noa delivered. We would rather not send any candidates to client than send a pile of mediocre profiles that we know in out hearts wont be right.

Fun and Passionate – I am hugely biased when I say this, but I think we are a great place to work. We are bright, fun and love what we do. Yes there are downs from time to time but the team really does lift people back onto their feet.

As we end Q2 there is a lot of “stuff” that a business owner could get worried about. But I believe that there is plenty more to get infinitely excited about. At Noa we know that there is always and upside. Our Q2 has beaten our expectations because we have stuck to our guns with our values. We stayed strong, stayed the course and have a bunch of very happy clients and candidates as a result.

As we burst into Q3 we wont be taking our foot off the gas. Q3 is always busy so we know that we need to be speaking to the best talent and the brightest clients in the market. If you are looking to make a career move or looking to build your team why don’t you get in touch, neil@thisisnoa.com

And remember, all the best jobs can be found at http://thisisnoa.com/jobs

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