Top 3 reasons why December is the busiest for recruiters

Most people assume that December is a dead period for recruiting, but they couldn’t be more wrong, let me tell you why.

Lack of competition

Recruiters should realize that failing to find great people during this period is a huge missed opportunity, simply because the recruiting competition becomes a little inactive during this extended period.

When most other recruiters are relaxing, you might find that you are the only recruiter actively seeking candidates during December. During this period of relaxation, it’s an opportune time to catch the best, while the competition is napping.

Candidates are more available

It’s coming up to Christmas, people are starting to think of New Year’s Resolutions and ways to better themselves. Most people decide to quit smoking or drink less or… find a new job. That is where we come in and save the day!

It’s also easy to get away, it’s a great time for interviews to assess potential candidates for future job openings. All combined, the circumstances make it easy for candidates to find available time to interview.


As Christmas approaches, you tend to have a Christmas do with your colleagues and as it happens, December is a fantastic time for networking. With you and your staff attending more events and speaking to more people, you are increasing the likelihood of meeting great quality candidates and having your business referred to someone who is currently recruiting.

If you are a recruiter and agree with this, I’d love to know exactly what you think! Nonetheless, if you are a candidate or viewer, get in touch and tell me if this is something you have experienced! Get in touch with a member of our team to have a chat: 01908 488575 /