And the winner is…


Noa Recruitment are up for three awards this year and tonight we find out if we have won our very first one.

Tonight, we are up for “Best New Business” and “MK Business of the Year” which is an honour to even be shortlisted for. I would be delighted to win one. I would be over the moon if we won both.

As recruiters, our single job everyday is to enrich the lives of the people that we come into contact with. Whether that be helping a hiring manager find the right person for their team or a candidate find their ideal career. Our job is simple, to serve others.

Win or lose I am extremely proud of the hard work and passion that the team at Noa have displayed. Everyone here lives and breathes the values that guide our business and I truly believe it is this that makes us so special.

We are always learning and absorb information from our industry, for example we use agile principles to run our business. We are always pushing ourselves to be better, good isn’t good enough for team Noa.

As the founder and leader of Noa it has given me enormous satisfaction to watch everyone of my team develop as recruiters. However, the greatest pleasure has been to watch them grow as individuals. Regardless of what happens this evening I could not be prouder of what the team has achieved.

So, good luck to team Noa. Fingers crossed we win!



Next up is the national Recruiter Awards (our version of the Oscars)… I better get working on my acceptance speech!