It’s the second week of January and you’re back in the office. I know you probably feel like sinking yourself into a king-size bed with 7 blankets and an eye mask, but unfortunately, you’ve got an alarm set for stupid o’clock and emails to respond to. After careful consideration, returning to work doesn’t sound that painful. Here are a few ways to make the transition a little bit easier!


I know it sounds a bit cliché, but trust me, it helps. You might be in the office whilst reading this, or even sat at home with your morning coffee dreading work. Wherever you may be, take a few long, deep breaths and clear your mind, it will help you focus and decrease stress! Once you’ve cleared your mind, grab a cuppa and you’re ready to take on the day.

Tackle your emails in one go

I know the thought of being ambushed with emails is awful, but we must manage them to progress with everything else. Start with older ones, they might have been sitting there for weeks and this is exactly why you need to get it done! This might take a good hour or so, whether you toss them in the junk folder or respond as soon as you can, at least it’s one less thing to worry about.

Challenge yourself

This is easier than it sounds. As soon as you hear the word “challenge”, you freak out and avoid the task completely. It doesn’t have to be setting yourself ridiculous targets or making 500 calls a day. Something small helps, like asking that one question to your manager that you’ve been avoiding for 2 weeks or changing your filing cabinet to a more organised standard. These things might sound a little undeserving, but you’ve still achieved the challenge you set yourself, even if you feel like your whole work day has been a failure.

Plan an “end-of-day” treat

It’s lunchtime and you’re sick of eating your soggy tuna sandwich and warm orange juice, can it get any worse? Try looking forward to the end of the day and plan what you’re going to do once you leave the office. You might feel like stuffing your face with a pack of 6 donuts or buying your favourite magazine, no matter how little or large your treat is, you deserve it. After all, you did voluntarily come into work after the Christmas period.