Clients - How to REALLY get the most out of your recruiter…

One of the biggest problems with recruitment is the recruitment industry. It has become a very cold, transactional business based on quick wins rather than nurturing long term relationships. Part of the problem is recruiters who (some of the time) are focused on hitting their target rather than doing what actually matters, that is delivering a valuable service that changes peoples lives.

Part of the problem also lays at the door of client companies who (to some extent) want to keep recruiters at arms length. Here is how I believe client companies can get the most of their recruitment partners. 

Let them get to know you: Of course, this should include the standard stuff about what you need the candidate to come on-board and do but I think there is more to it than that. In my experience the real important stuff is about the personal dynamic. I want to know your like and dislikes. What kind of company culture have you got? And what kind of person (and personality) is going to fit into it? You can’t do this over the phone (and you certainly cant do it on email). I would encourage any hiring manager to invite their recruiters in to meet them to get the measure of what you are all about. It doesn’t have to take hours and I am confident that the net result will be an uplift in more suitable candidates coming across your desk and much better quality hires.

Get to know them: You need to know and trust the person who is out there working on your behalf to find you the best talent. Take them up on that offer of a coffee (it’s a free coffee if nothing else). A recruiter becomes your brand ambassadors so you want to make sure your combined message is on point. Questions I would ask would include how long have they been in recruitment? Nothing wrong with someone who is new to the game... they have something to prove and will be eager to prove it! Do they know the market? The emerging trends? The latest tech?  

I think the most crucial question is, have they met the candidates they want to put in front of you? If they haven’t then that would make me very nervous. OK sometimes it is almost impossible to arrange a meeting with a candidate but that is usually just the odd one or two. Meeting candidates demonstrates a level of seriousness. Work with recruiters who know their candidates.

Honesty: It is all I ever ask for for clients and candidates. It is absolutely fine to not to offer my candidate the job if you do not think they are the right fit. But do give clear, concise and honest feedback as to why. Woolly answers really don’t help the recruiter and it doesn’t help the candidate. If they failed the interview because they meandered around with their answer then please tell us. It helps us and it helps the candidate get better. Be clear with your decisions and communicate honestly. Demand honesty and openness with your recruiter. By establishing a mutual, two-way channel of honesty you will find that you begin to build a relationship that is enjoyable as well as beneficial.

What do you think? Why don’t you let us know, I am sure there are loads more hints and tips that people would like to share.

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