Get to know us!

Do you ever find yourself working with someone and not knowing much about them? We think it’s important, so we thought we’d share some stuff about us here at Noa!

  • The manager at Noa (Neil Harvey) came second in a “David Tennant look alike” competition!
  • We currently have four employees at Noa and we are all from different backgrounds such as London, Anglesey, Manchester and Milton Keynes!
  • It’s all about working hard and dedication. Every employee at Noa works very hard but a day doesn’t go by without having a laugh!
  • Our recruitment consultant, Dominic, has a degree in Economics!
  • Training in Bletchley, Aimee has a passion for martial arts.
  • As well as coming from different places, we all have different hobbies too! This includes reading, motor-sports, kickboxing, mountain biking and socialising with friends and family.
  • Born in Anglesey, Margaret predominately spoke Welsh until she started school at the age of 5.

We love speaking to people! This might sound a little bit cliché but the staff here at Noa love taking calls, meeting with people and even emailing! Anything that allows us to communicate with the people we care about and work with, makes us happy.

We would love to know more about you, whether you’re applying for a job, finding work, need any advice/help, need an employee for your team or even fancy a chat! Any member of our team is available for a chat on 01908 488575. If you can’t talk on the phone, why not drop us an email?

Neil Harvey (manager)

Margaret Payne (office manager)

Aimee Deakin (recruitment consultant)

Dominic Scarff (recruitment consultant)