How to give your CV the WOW factor...

As a recruiter, I speak to a lot of people every day. One question that pops up time and again is “how can I make my CV stand out?”. Having read A LOT of CV’s in my time I wanted to share my tips on what I think makes a CV really pop.

These are my thoughts and I know plenty of people will disagree with what I say. The truth is, that in my opinion, a CV is a sales brochure and the product is trying to sell is you.

A good CV can make the difference between getting an interview and not. Getting it right can take time. However, if it is time invested in you and your career is must be time well spent.


  1. Talk about your achievements – Often I see CV’s which simply list the duties that the person undertakes in their job. That’s good to know but hiring managers want to know what value you are going to bring to their team. They want to know what you have achieved. Achievements can be anything you are proud of. Classic achievements can include over achieving a sales target, reducing cost, improving performance, reducing staff turnover. These are the things that people want to see and talk about

P.S. if you can get some data in to support your achievements then even better!


  1. Spell Check – sounds obvious and very unsatisfying to talk about spell checking a CV. However, the number of spelling mistakes I see in CV’s is unreal. It does get noticed and as a hiring manager myself I often wonder “if you are too lazy to spell check your CV, what else will you be too lazy to do?”. A quick proof read, spell check and grammar once over might not bag you the interview, but it certainly won’t cost it either.


  1. It is all about you – I am always asked if outside interests and hobbies are important. I strongly believe you should. The CV reflects who you are as a professional, but I feel it should also show the personality that will come with it. When we hire at Noa we have a great fun talking about what people do outside of work. It is a great ice breaker and helps people find common ground with each other. Now, you are not going to get a job just because you support the same football team as the manager, but it can’t hurt.

There are plenty of other things that can to improve and develop your CV. My final thought is, it should be something that you are proud of and gives a good account of yourself. It might take a bit of time to write but it will be time well spent.

What has your experience of CV’s been? Perhaps your CV is work of art or perhaps you need a bit of help getting it right. We would love to hear about it.

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