How to win the 2019 hiring challenge part 3


Last week we learnt that if you want to win the 2019 hiring challenge you HAVE to:

                Be flexible in your working practices

                Structure your Training & Development 

                Watch your competitors

The next few tips I want to share are extremely easy to implement, cost very little but can have a huge impact on the success of your hiring.


Look at both ends of the hiring spectrum – According to a recent study, 73% of employers reported difficulty in hiring technical or skilled staff in 2017. I expect the story will be the same in 2018 and be even more pronounced in 2019. Most companies see this as a threat, but the best companies are being creative with their hiring. There is a looming “brain drain” as people approaching retirement leave the IT industry. There are huge opportunities to attract great talent as they approach retirement by offering flexible working. Equally, there are amazing opportunities to hire rising stars who might need a bit of training and guidance but have the potential to give your senior staff a run for their money.


Hire business builders – just because someone is an awesome software developer doesn’t mean you should hire them. In 2019 you need to be hiring good people that you can build a team around. If you are hiring just because you need a great developer to sit in a corner and churn out code – then hire a contractor. If you want to build a high performing team that attracts the right people to it then you need to hire business builders. What do they look like? Awesome communicators, they get what you do, they live to your values, they want to learn and they are supportive.


Reward loyalty – It is much harder to hire a new member of staff than it is to keep an existing one. Most companies spend more time wooing new hires than they do taking care of their existing teams. In 2019 you need to avoid churn where you can. It is disruptive, demoralizing and costly. Look at your staff and reward them for their hard work. This could be a novelty award, a spot bonus scheme or even a pay rise. Perhaps look at your contracts and see if you can make them more “sticky” I have seen contracts where enhanced perks are linked to tenure at the firm. This doesn’t have to be all about money. Little things can make a big impact. Believe me, your staff are getting contacted all the time. Don’t be complacent in 2019.


Don’t wait until 2019 to get started with some of these tips. Can you turn your hiring threats into opportunities? Are you hiring people who are really going to make a difference to your team? Are you rewarding your loyal staff What has your experience of hiring tech talent been? Perhaps it’s a nightmare. Maybe you are smashing it. We would love to hear about it.

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