International Day of the Boss!

As Managing Director of Noa Recruitment, October 16th is always my favorite time of the year. Why? Because it is International Boss Day!

Finally, a day where the boss is recognised and it’s finally all about them. A day to lavish gifts on your superiors and make them feel, well, superior (I say that with my tongue squarely in my cheek).

Now, I have worked with a number of bosses that I would rather not celebrate. However, there have been a few leaders that I have worked with who have really left a lasting impact on me. So, I would like to celebrate them by sharing the lessons they taught me.

Relationships matter – I was taught this by my boss in my first “proper” job. I was dealing with my first client and really struggling to deal with the customer service side of the relationship. He taught me that by making the relationship all about me and what I wanted was easy to do but would eventually carry the relationship nowhere. He taught me to try and make it all about the other person. Focus on understanding them, their needs and their challenges then work with them to overcome them. The change didn’t come over night and I am still a work in progress. My boss was right, relationships matter!

It’s all in the plan – When I first got into recruitment, I never planned anything. I was shocked at how much I had to get done in a morning, let alone a day. I admit, I struggled for the first few months and any successes I had, was probably more through luck than skill. Then I was told “run your day, otherwise it will run you”. It hit me. Taking control of your day is a conscious decision and it starts with planning. Some would say my method of planning now borders on the extreme, but I find that if I don’t plan my day then nothing gets done. Seriously.

Stop telling, start teaching – I have heard this loads, but it never sunk in until my current mentor broke it down for me. Before, my style of management was to tell. Got a problem? Let me TELL you how to fix it? Candidate problem? Let me TELL you what to say. Funny thing was I was telling people what to do from dawn to dusk and the same problems kept cropping up. No one was learning any lessons. Now, the focus is to put the problem-solving responsibility back on the team. Ask them questions. What would they do? How would they say it?

OK, so it does sometimes take a bit longer to get to the answer and sometimes my head is screaming JUST TELL THEM, but I do my best to teach not tell. And it is worth it every time.

So happy bosses’ day to all the bosses out there. What has your experience of bosses been? Have you had a great boss that has left a big impact on you and your career? We would love to hear about it.

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