It has never been a better time to find a career in IT

Let’s face it, there is never a perfect time to do anything. Whether it be asking for a promotion, moving to a new house or starting that cake baking business you have always dreamed of owning. Time waits for no one and if you want to do something, go and get it done. The statistics show it has never been a better time to get a career in IT!

The same could be said changing your job. I am always surprised by the number of people that I speak to on a daily basis who are not happy in their jobs. When I ask why, I get the usual answers, ranging from a dislike of their boss, feeling unfulfilled and feeling underpaid.

At this time of year there is a temptation to wait until January is out of the way before you start looking for a new job. Don’t wait. Start now. Here are the reasons why:

Firstly, life is too short to be stuck in a job you can’t stand. If you are not happy where you are then let’s do something about it. At Noa, we pride ourselves on helping candidates in the technology space find their perfect job.

Secondly, Q2 of 2019 saw some of the strongest demand for technical talent ever recorded (Reed, 2020). Companies are screaming out for talent like you and are rolling out the red carpet to attract the best people. If you are good at what you do and have passion for your profession then now is the perfect time to get out there and meet a few choice clients, and we can help. In Milton Keynes alone, demand for IT professionals rose by 16.3% compared to 2018. Noa are leaders in digital and technical appointments so we are well placed to help you find that perfect role.

Finally, salaries in 2020 are on the up (CV Library). While money isn’t (and should never be) everything when you are looking for a new job, it doesn’t hurt to have a bit more in your back pocket at the end of the month. Companies recognize that they need to give a compelling reason for talent to join their businesses and are doing everything they can to improve working environments, culture and pay. Some people are a little squeamish about discussing salaries but that is where Noa can help. We are experts at advising candidates on their best fit and market value.

I know how hard it can be to muster the energy to find a new job (or even a whole new career) but ask yourself this “if I do nothing and stay here, are the best years of my career ahead of me”. If the answer to that is no, then you better start polishing up that CV.

We love helping great technical talent find their next career move. If you are thinking of making a move, why not give us a call and have a chat. What is the worst that can happen?

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