The rise of digital media, the interconnectedness of the global economy and the expectation that everything needs to be perfect, has led to major changes in the entire service industry. Whether that be an Investment Bank based in New York being able to sell millions of dollars worth of Gold that they have never seen to a company based in Tokyo, through the London Metal Exchange or if it is just your local pub getting a Facebook page. The services industry is modernising. This can be most apparent in the recruitment industry as modern day recruiters have grown out of the days of classified adverts in the back of newspapers and more towards a dynamic customer-focused future.

 Traditional recruitment companies have their drawbacks. When you take into account what they are doing, traditional recruiters can be very expensive. They are very reactionary as they place an advert on their website and then only send forward those candidates that reply to that advert. Whether they have been spoken to personally or not, the mindset of “this person clearly thinks they can be a full stack C# developer so I will prep their CV and send them right away”. Modern day recruitment is about being proactive, after all it is a full contact sport. If I do not pick up the phone and speak to this amazing candidate now, then another agency will; or even worse the bloke sitting across from me will. However, being first does not mean that you will be the best. Anyone can sit at home, browse the job boards, find a brilliant CV then fire it across to multiple clients without speaking to the candidate personally.

 This brings me on to one of the downfalls of modern day recruitment. Customer service. Who actually is the customer? Traditionalists will say that the client is ultimately your customer because at the end of the day, they are the ones that pay your bills. But without a pool of highly talented candidates, there would be no bills to pay in the first place. Actually, managing both clients and candidates, treating them both as equal customers and providing top quality service to both is where real modern day recruiters make their money.

 Treating both clients and candidates as our customers doesn’t mean that we dedicate less time to one of them. By making sure that we keep our candidates happy and extremely satisfied with the service we provide, means we are able to treat them like our best friend. Obviously maintaining a professional manner with our clients, because traditionalists are right, the clients do pay our bills. But by treating the candidate like a person and not just a CV, reaps benefits for everyone involved in the recruitment process.

 If you go back to the blog post titled “Values. This is noa... and what we stand for” 13 May 2016 ( You will see that Customer Focus is our first value. Stating that: “To us it means treating our candidates and clients fairly, openly and honestly.”