New job? Here are three things to think about before you say, YES!


There is nothing like the feeling of hearing those 5 sweet words… “congratulations, you got the job.”

Candidates love to hear it and at Noa we love to say it! After all, we are in the business of helping great technical talent find brilliant jobs.

In the heat of the moment it is very easy to say “YES”. The money is what you wanted, and business is well known, and everyone will know where you work. However, now is the time to stop and take stock of your situation.

I speak to far too many people who say “when I went for an interview I thought the job will be… but now I work there it isn’t quite what I expected”. I always ask, “What is missing” and the answer is very rarely anything to do with money. Often the response broadly fit into these categories:


Lifestyle Change – I must admit, I fell foul of this one. I was desperate to work for a well-known tech business, but the commute was going to be over 90 minute’s each way. I was bowled over by the fact I was even being interviewed that I buried this concern, even though I knew it was going to niggle away at me. Sure enough I was offered the job and after 9 months I was burned out and resigned. The lesson I took from this was, it is OK to stop, take a step back and think. This might be a great role but how is going to affect me and the people around me? If you are not happy with the answers you get, perhaps you better reevaluate taking the job.


The REAL culture – When you go to an interview you are trying to impress the interview panel. They in turn are trying to impress you. Sadly, this sometimes means that companies only show you the bits of themselves that they want you to see. Being in the wrong culture and be really draining and ultimately damage your career as well as limit your growth. We always encourage our clients to show candidates themselves in their true light. Warts and all. We always urge our candidates to ask to meet some of their potential co-workers so they can get a feel for the culture that they might end up working in. If done correctly this can really cement the relationship.


Challenge – We can all joke around and say how much we would love to be paid to put our feet up and drink tea all day. The reality is that most people would find that mind numbingly dull after the first two hours and would start looking for work to do. Before you shake hands on that new job, ask yourself “how is this job going to change, challenge and grow me?”. Are you going to get to learn a new skill? Are you going to be getting people to manage? The point here is you don’t want to plateau and end up reliving the same job year after year with no personal challenge and growth.


In short, no one wants to get the job they never wanted. But it can happen so easily. I am sure you will have already taken yourself through these steps, but if you haven’t, give yourself a break to think about these things.

At Noa, we love helping awesome tech talent find great jobs. If you are thinking about a new job, why don’t you get in touch.