So, what does a recruiter actually do?


So, you are thinking of a career in recruitment? That’s awesome! But do you know what a recruiter actually does?

Nope, neither did I when I first started interviewing for recruitment jobs. I am a little ashamed to say I was simply interested in the money and thought “how hard can it be?”. I wish I had known a few things about what a recruiter did before I started.

Let me take a moment to talk you through what I believe a REAL recruiter actually does. If it sounds like your ideal career, then I want to hear from you. Don’t worry my contact details are at the bottom of the blog.


Part Artist / Part Scientist – A recruiter matches the right candidate to the right job… that is it.

 I am being facetious there is a hell of a lot more to it than that! Recruiters need to be part artist/part scientist and most of all, be problem solvers at heart. Recruiters need to understand the market that they work in. For the team at Noa that means understanding the UK tech market. We need to know what companies are hiring, new tech emerging on the market and speaking to the best talent. Real recruiters harness their “scientific” abilities to research their market, use data and plan meticulously to stay a step ahead. Their “artistic” talents come into play by knowing how to make matches, ask questions and solve problems for both candidates and clients.


Not the “gift of the gab” – Most people when you say the word “recruiter” think sleazy salesperson, who can sweet talk Eskimos into buying ice-cream. OK that might have been the case in the 90’s but this is 2019 and the world has changed. Don’t get me wrong, real recruiters are world class communicators, but they shouldn’t be big talkers. At Noa we see ourselves as problem solvers. We value the skill of asking questions (lots) then being quiet and letting the candidate or client tell us what is on their mind. Then we will probably ask a whole lot more questions. We are not interested in the big mouth that loves the sound of their own voice and talks themselves into a corner. We want people that can ask the right questions then actually listen to what is being said in response. Simple as that.


You are the boss of you – Like any sales role it is down to you to get out into the world and make stuff happen. A real recruiter must be proactive and learn to love talking to people on the phone and in person. Recruitment is all about outcomes and you need to be able to plan to achieve them and can work hard to achieve them. You must master being able to ask good quality questions, listen to the response then do something with that information. You have the attitude of a “do’er” and be able to take the knock backs that come with the job. You can learn these skills (I did) but you must want to learn them. Trust me, they are valuable traits in any job you do.


So, what does a recruiter actually do? Well, as we can see loads. Recruitment is an exciting and rewarding career. It is not without its challenges. But wow, what a ride!

 Noa are currently hiring for people looking to break into recruitment so whether you are a recent graduate, school leaver or simply want to change careers.

I always want to hear from good quality people so why not drop me a line on or call me on 01908 010390.