So, what does a recruiter actually do?

Finding a new job can be daunting, no matter how experienced you are. You may not know where to start, what you’re looking for, where the opportunities are and what career paths are open to you for each job. It can be confusing, time consuming and downright frustrating.

Enter the recruiter. We recruiters occupy an amazing space where we help to shape people’s careers and help game changing businesses grow and grow.  Many people don’t understand what it is a recruiter actually does (I have heard some weird and wonderful descriptions), so here it is, warts and all.
Now the first step is to find the right recruitment agency for you. Look to work with agencies who specialize in the areas you work in. You need to be working with a recruitment business that knows their market and knows what they are talking about. Why do you need a specialist? Because we have the right knowledge, connections, relationships to help get you in front of the right businesses and the right people within those businesses.

Always ask questions! Scrutinize your recruiter! Remember they are going to be representing you so need to know you are working with someone who knows their stuff. Never go in blind with a recruitment agency without asking simple questions (which should be easy for a good one to answer) such as, how many people have you placed their before? Are you a preferred supplier? Test their knowledge and ask them what they know about the organization.

Then do something that very few candidate do… ask for the recruiter’s opinion and advice. Take it on board, after all the good ones know their apples so can give you valuable market insight to land that role you want. We are experts. So use our knowledge.

Now you have found a great recruitment agency to work with (I hear the guys at Noa are pretty awesome), the fun can begin. Make sure you are honest and open with your recruiter. Answer their questions honestly and truthfully. Believe me there is nothing worse than holding back on a piece of information you don’t think is relevant (your bonus perhaps or that you don’t have a car) only for it to come back to bite when an offer is being negotiated. A face to face meeting is always preferable but we accept sometimes that doesn’t work for candidates, however how can we work for you if you can’t give us some of your time?

We know you inside out and back to front so now we can go out and start getting you in front of our clients. The benefit here is that you are now being ‘talked up’ by someone who knows your potential future boss well, has earned that trust with them and is getting your resume in front of the right person. Sometimes when applying directly your resume can be lost in the blackhole of the online recruitment portal.

Your consultant is now working very hard to find you the best opportunities in the market that match your skill set or career aspirations. They are looking at their open positions, utilising their best relationships, using their market knowledge to know where the opportunities are and taking your resume with them on meetings. This should lead very quickly to an interview/s being set up.  

At Noa we always send our candidates plenty of useful information, whether this be market knowledge, interview guides, example questions and most importantly a clear outline of what, who and when – you would be surprised how many recruiters don’t. We give a very full and detailed pre-interview briefing so that we can pass on their knowledge of the organisation, the interviewers’ preferences, any questions they have asked in the past as well as key market knowledge that can help you. They will go through role play of the questions they think will be asked for that practice which is essential to a good interview. This will give you the best chance possible to prepare and feel confident going in for your interview. 

Well done you nailed the interview and the client(s) want to make you an offer. Your consultant is working hard behind the scene to get you the best offer possible and clearly highlighting everything they need from you, locking in your start date and highlighting the next steps which will bring you closer to starting your new job. But our job doesn’t stop there. We help to take you through the resignation process (no one likes handing in their notice) and the exit process to. We are here to support and guide you to help make the whole experience as quick and painless as possible. Dare I say, even fun.

So what does a recruiter do? A lot.

At Noa we pride ourselves on our deep knowledge the technology and digital marketplace. We work relentlessly to give our candidates the best possible experience and ensure our clients only receive a first class service. Interested in having a chat? Give us a call.

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