So, you are thinking of a career in recruitment? Here is what you need to know.


I absolutely love my job.

Like most people I “fell” into a career in recruitment and fell in love with it as a job (almost) straight away. I loved the can do attitude of the people around me, the buzz of the cut and thrust of the commercial world and constant pace of the job. It’s fair to say I was hooked on a career in recruitment and I haven’t looked back since. Now I will be first to say that Recruitment as a career can be tough and it certainly isn’t a career for everyone.

The recruitment industry needs good quality people and Noa is no exception. We have a core team of superb recruiters who are passionate about what they do and work extremely hard to deliver for their clients and candidates. They are people of integrity and strive for excellence every day.

If recruitment sounds like a career that might interest you, here are a few things you need to know before you start applying to loads of jobs.


Find the right fit - Not all recruitment companies are born equal. Some agencies will be mort interested in people willing to be driven by KPI’s, some on hard core “salesy” aggression. Some (like us at Noa) will be more interested in you as a person and can you fit with the culture and values. Before you start applying to loads of jobs, take a moment to stop and think. What are YOUR values and what culture is going to get the best out of you? Then find the right fit. This will save you a lot of time and heart ache… no one wants to get the job they never wanted.


Find the love – Getting a job is a bit like finding a partner. There has to be a little spark that is going to ignite a fire. Try and find that spark. It could be the people you will work with are just awesome and you want to work with them. It might be that they recruit in a really exciting niche that makes your pulse race. Everyone who works in recruitment (and sticks at it) fall in love with either the company they join, helping people find their dream job or the money. Find the love, but don’t force it. No one wants to be stuck in a marriage of convenience.


Get to know the good, bad and ugly – Recruitment has some truly amazing career aspects that I just love (helping people find their dream job never gets boring). But like every other job it has some bits that suck a bit and some that are just awful. Get to know what they are and ask if you can learn to accept them. For me the bad can be the fact that recruitment is a sales job. Like every sales job you have targets to hit and sometimes (despite your best effort) you simply don’t. A good recruitment team (like Noa) will support and mentor you through that and get the best out of you. A real ugly part of the job is that people simply change their minds. The deal done last month can fall apart because the candidate has decided to stay in their current role. That is a pain that never dulls but you can learn to deal with it.


A career in recruitment is certainly challenging but is also deeply rewarding. Noa are currently hiring for people looking to break into recruitment so whether you are a recent graduate, school leaver or simply want to change careers, we want to hear from you.