The secret to a great cultural fit

It is something that I hear a lot when I get feedback from candidates and clients “sorry, he isn’t the right cultural fit for us” or “I love the culture and the environment and that’s why I want to work there”.

I always thought it was a bit fluffy and a cop out excuse to not give a candidate “proper feedback”. However, since we have started building Noa I have realised just how important culture is and how crucial it is to get right.

Culture defines your business – what does our business act like? How does it behave? What are its values? All of this parts define and shape its culture. Recruiters (rightly or wrongly) have a bit of bad reputation. We started Noa to try to correct that. Our culture is driven by a desire to do things right first time and avoid the overly pushy cliché of the stereotypical recruiter. This has fed into every part of our business, especially when hiring. 

Culture defines your team – I never realised how important this was to get right… until now. We have worked hard to create a dynamic team that works (very) hard and are committed to excellent. But they know how to have fun too! We have turned away people who just don’t get our view of how we think recruitment should be done. Trying to force someone into an environment that isn’t for them is painful, disruptive and (potentially) destructive to your business.

Culture defines your future – So, is the business going to have the same culture and set of values when it gets to 20 people strong? What about 50? What about 100? I know we are a little way off 100 people in the Noa family but I believe we absolutely will have the same culture and way of thinking, even when we get to 500. It is a way of doing things that has really helped us stand out from the crowd. It is a way of thinking that our candidates love and it is a way of acting that lets our clients know we mean business.

So what is Noa’s culture? Hardworking, fun loving and committed to giving nothing but the best level of service to the people that we help every day.

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