Time to get Future proof?

Way back 2017 the World Economic Forum suggested that ‘by 2020 more than a third of the desired core skill sets of most occupations will be comprised of skills that are not yet considered crucial to jobs today’.

What does that mean to you? Well, it means that the nature of the work we do is changing every day. Even in the 3 short years that Noa has been going we have noticed a big change in the types of technical skills we are recruiting for. While some will see this as a threat there is a huge opportunity to future proof your career. Here are the five key skills that you need to be mastering now to help future proof your career:

Flexibility :

Employers themselves may not know what they need straight away, change can happen rapidly so being flexible about what you do, what you learn and how you do things will be key. Being able to adapt to new situations and cope with change is essential. Also being willing to move sideways to develop new skills as well as up in your career.

Get connected:

Regularly building and engaging with people within and outside you industry could pay off in terms of identifying possible opportunities for a move, mentoring, developing and building your own team or just generally finding support and inspiration. You can take steps to do this right now. Perhaps set yourself a goal of going to a tech meet up, a working breakfast or simply set a goal of connecting with 20 new people on LinkedIn every month.

Stay Tech Savvy:

This is not just being computer literate but being aware of the possible impact of AI, machine learning and the Internet of Things on your industry and the roles within it. Whatever, your role whether marketing, finance or HR there will be technological changes developing and it’s important to embrace and welcome them. Taking ownership of this will help you spot new opportunities as they arise and help you stay one step ahead of the game.

Keep Learning:

Build yourself a learning plan and stick to it. Stay curious and open to experimentation in what you do. Companies may not know what they need employees to know or learn yet, but knowing they have employees on board who demonstrate the capability and willingness to learn quickly is a big plus. This doesn’t mean enrolling on an expensive MBA or going to University, but it might be going on a coding crash course or volunteering for a project at work.

Remember to be human:

As work becomes more digital the paradox will be that people skills will become more and more valuable. There will be to what machines and AI can deliver so people who can build empathy and display emotional intelligence will always be sought after. Beyond this, creativity and good management will be prized qualities. A great way to build these skills might be to make a call instead of sending an email or have a 121 meeting about that project instead of relentless IM ping pong.

The workplace is changing, and you need to be increasing your employability and make sure you future proof your career. Make sure you are forward looking and taking a proactive approach to the skills needed, even if you don’t know what they are yet. Remember 2020 isn’t that far away!

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