You will be joining a team of developers working on a highly-innovative and rapidly-growing software platform.

As a Senior Developer within the Core Development Team, you can contribute to both back-end development and front-end interfaces.  You will be well supported by other developers, designers, testers and the Product Manager.

It is essential that you are strong in both PHP and Javascript and have experience working on web-based software projects and SQL databases.

It is vital to be willing and able to take on complex and challenging tasks.

Key responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • Research and design the best way to implement a new feature
  • Create new features as well as improve existing ones
  • Work on any level of our full-stack web software
  • Communicate well with team members and offer help as required

You will write code that is:

  • Easily read by others team members
  • Consistent with the existing codebases

For more information, please get in touch