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Great people know great people

We recognise that word of mouth and recommendations play an important part in our business. We want to reward people for introducing people to Noa with a simple, generous referral scheme.


How it works

Hit the refer button and enter the details of the person you want to refer. Our team will get in touch with them directly.

When they are placed into a role by Noa Recruitment Limited you will receive a Thank You Payment of £500 (subject to UK tax).

(Please note that our candidate referral scheme is only available in the UK)

Terms & Conditions:

  • All payments made in cash (subject to UK tax)
  • Candidates must not already be in contact with Noa Recruitment Ltd or on our database.
  • Payment is due only after a placed candidate has completed 14 weeks of employment.
  • Payment is only due on initial placement – further placements are excluded.
  • There is no limit to the number of good candidates you may refer.
  • This applies to permanent placements only.
  • In the event of any dispute, Noa Recruitment Ltd’s decision is final.

What if I want to refer a potential client of Noa to work with? We would be delighted to help. This scheme would apply and a TYP (Thank You Payment) would be paid to you once the first candidate is succesfully placed (subject to the below T&C’s). Where a relationship already exists with the client in question, no TYP would be payable.

What if I refer the client AND the candidate? We would see this as two different activities and you could be eligible to recieve a TYP for both the client and the candidate introduction.

Can I refer myself for a role? Yes, subject to the T&C’s. You must state in writing from the outset that you are referring yourself for a role. If you do not, then no TYP will be payable.

Questions? We’ve got answers.

  • We have a very clear pricing approach. We have three products with fees ranging from 15% to 20% of base salary. Check out our pricing page or call the team for details.

  • The hallmark of good service is what you do when something goes wrong.

    We offer 100% money back (or replacement) on all hires for periods up to 3, 6 and 12 months depending on what product you choose.

  • Yes you can. Cashflow is vital to any business and each of our products allow you to pay any fee over a period of up to 3, 6 and 12 months.

  • At the moment our focus is on tech. But if you want an introduction to some really great recruiters in the Finance/Legal or Facilities Management space then we know some great people.

It really is as simple as that

To refer a candidate to us, please fill in the form below

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